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Post by Ddrak » Tue May 16, 2006 11:19 am

Mods and Admins are law.
There is no court of appeal, no impartiality (real or imagined) and no way out. By posting here, you acknowledge that anything you do is at the mercy of mods and admins. No guarantees are made on anything.

Having said that, we will attempt to administer the board with as light a touch as possible (mainly because we're lazy). Complaints are fine, but if you really don't like things then you're more than welcome to set up a new board on your own.

General Guidelines
These are not hard rules, but are simply to give you an idea of what is and isn't going to get you in trouble with the mods/admins:

- Nothing unsafe for work, EXCEPT in the eye candy section (see specific rules there).
- Nothing illegal (duh).
- No RL malicious stupidity.
- Dumb marketing spam (this is an instaban and editing to ridicule)
- Attempted hacks (again, instaban and boring law enforcement junk if you push it)

This won't get you in trouble:

- RL info for non-malicious stupidity, though this will be removed on request. (Relbeek has permanently requested I remove his RL info, so just give it up, ok? We all know it's not hard to find anyway)
- Linking to NSFW stuff if clearly indicated as such
- Bitching out mods, admins etc., though this may not be the best way to avoid harsher penalties in the future if you "accidentally" cross the line.

Donations, Finances, etc
The web hosting costs about $12/month. This is approximate because I'm actually sharing a hosting plan with my personal sites, so I split the cost in two. Having said that, I really don't care about $12/month and I'm not going to account for costs.

Donations are accepted (of course), and will allow you to change or set a custom title (yours, or someone else's) at $5 per title set. Custom titles remain set for a minimum of one month, and will only be reset after that by request of the user or someone else paying to set it to something else. Custom titles are meant to be fun, not vindictive so a requested title needs admin approval first.

To set a custom title, donate via Paypal (link up top) and drop Ddrak a PM saying you donated and the list of requested titles.

If you weirdos donate too much I'll be forced to run some sort of competition or something to run down the pool.

Discipline, Banning etc.
Disciplinary measures are entirely at the discretion of the admin and mods and will include editing of posts to remove offending content, editing of posts to ridicule the poster, suspension and banning. PMs and emails are a good way to communicate if you get banned and want to come back.

Admins from other boards, people worried about stalkers and the like are more than welcome to inquire about IP addresses to see if they match posters from this board. The concept that an IP address is private is technically ridiculous, so I suggest you use some sort of IP masking if you are really that paranoid.

If law enforcement ever contacts me about the board, they are more than welcome to the entire database and whatever logs I have. I believe in personal privacy and there's nothing personal or private about an internet board. I'm not about to make myself a legal pariah for your silly asses.

Admin contact
Ddrak (John Wiltshire)
Phone and Address aren't that hard to find if you really want to get a hold of me, but as I've moved recently you may get my old number/address. Your problem. Figure it out.

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