How to get to Kod'Taz

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How to get to Kod'Taz

Post by Paflin » Mon Sep 13, 2004 1:05 PM

I am sure I am missing important things along the way, and I am even more sure that the strategies I have outlined are not the only way to do them, I just put what worked for me. Have fun!

To get flagged for Kod'Taz, you must either do the Smith Rondo event or do all 4 sewer trials. You will also need to complete the Tipt and Vxed expeditions. I did the sewer trials and will take you through them now.

Step 1:Getting there
Either port to Natimbi if you can or use the Magus at any adventure camp to get to Nedaria's Landing and then use that Magus to get to Natimbi. Invis and follow the wall north to Qinimi. In Qinimi, follow the right wall to the first corridor, follow that to Barundi. There is sometimes a see-invis Kyv Heartpeircer on the way, so be careful. Head straight through those corridors untill they open to a large clearing. Directly in front of you will be a large pyramid. On the west side of the pyramid there is an opening, go in it. Inside the pyramid there is a room to the back-right (SE corner), this a safe place to be uninvised. Up the stairs is the entrance to all 4 sewer trials.

On the SE corner OUTSIDE the pryamid is an NPC named Gamesh, talk to him to get an expedition for xp or farming, completion of a trial given by Gamesh will NOT flag you. To get to Tipt or Vxed, instead of going to the pyramid in Barundi, follow the right wall untill you come to a canyon on your right. Follow the canyon to the very back, the entrance to both Tipt and Vxed is a crack in the rocks in the very back.

Step 2: Getting an expedition

To get a sewer trial you must talk to High Priest Diru Riwirn, he is located in the building due north of the pyramid. Make sure your back is to the corner and you are uninvised when you talk to him, Simply hail him to get whatever expedition you are up to. You can do the expeditions out of order to get to KT, bu if you, for example, finish the second before the first, every time you hail High Priest Diru Riwirn he will give you the first trial untill you complete it. You can add players, make new expedition leaders and quit the expedition by bringing up the expedition box (alt-z). I am now throughly tired of typing out "expedition" so it will hereafter be referred to as an exp.

To get a Vxed or Tipt exp., hail Apprentice Udranda. She resides on the north side of the canyon mouth on the way to the the Tipt/Vxed entrance. You can get a Tipt or Vxed exp. at anytime, the sewers do not need to be completed first. Hail and say "tipt" for a Tipt exp. or say "vxed" for a (guess what?!?) Vxed exp.

Step 3: General Sewer Strats

The mobs vary greatly in difficulty from sewer to sewer. I would say that the 1st sewer has the hardest hitting mobs and the 2nd has the weakest. The 3rd and 4th are in the middle somewhere. All the sewers are indoor zones. All have similar mobs, but in different sewers different mobs are snarable, run and see invis, so you'll have to find out what abilities the mobs have in each. A mob common to all 4 exps. are golems. They are large and recognizable by their dry facial expressions and excellent abdominal muscles. They are universally unslowable, so cripple them, spam the tank with quick heals and pray.

A common room set up in the sewers is to have a recessed area in the middle and ledges that follow the sides of a room. It is typically advisable to kill around the edges to avoid the greator number of mobs in the middle of the rooms. Whenever you are using this strategy be careful not to go too close to an edge, because the mobs below will aggro. Aggro range is not large (thank god) so a single puller is not usually necessary if you can handle an occasional add.

I would not attempt any of these sewers without at least one person who as downloaded maps from

Step 4: Sewer #1, Purifying Plant

The object of this exp. is to kill a named mob. It drops loot sometimes too! I would recommend having a fairly beefy tank of 7500+ hps and a cleric and backup healer, druid or shaman would be fine. Make your way along the tunnels untill you come to an NPC named Ansharu. All members of the party must hail this NPC to recieve a flag. Careful, there is a mob that wanders well past Ansharu, make sure it is pulled before you hail him. Hailing Ansharu spawns the mobs that pop the named you kill to win.

Once you get to the hole you jump in to start swimming, you can invis the rest of the way to the named room. In the named room you will see 9 (yes, 9) stonemites in a nice 3 x 3 pattern in the center of the room. Lev everyone in the group and get up on the ledge to the left of the door way. Best way to do this is run up the slight curve of the wall of the tunnel on the right (facing the stonemites) do a quick about face and get up on the ledge. This may take a few tries for short people.

Once all on the ledge, postion your tank in the corner and all others further toward the tunnel. Have the tank pull the nearest stonemite with an arrow. As soon as the arrow hits the stonemite will pop on the tank, so be ready. The stonemites hit for about 1k, are undead and are banishable by clerics and necro's. Also, they AE rampage. If you are on the very edge of melee range you my be far enough to avoid it. Pets take a beating though. Once you have killed/banished 8 stonemites in this manner, med to full because as soon as the ninth is killed the named will pop. His name is Ancient Kayserops and he is a stonemite too! I have seen him aggro immediately and I have seen him swim around the water in the room menacingly before aggroing. Either way, I have not figured out how to get him to hit the tank first so be ready to aggro him quickly, tanks. Others, just pray you can live through a round or two against the heavy hitter. Ancient Kayserops doesn't have many more hitpoints than the rest of the mobs you have seen so far, but it does hit a bit harder. Max hit in the 1400's, AE rampages, flurries, not slowable. He is, in short, a bad motherf-Shut yo' mouth. But I'm just talking about Ancient Kayserops! Once it is dead, loot and port out, you win.

Step 5: Sewer #2, Emanating Crematory

Enter the sewer and start killing stuff. Random drops off any mob are the remains of Mabiki, Ngozi, Talakoi, Yogundi. Have one person collect all 4. They are not no-rent so can save them for your next atttempt if you like. Once a single player has all the remains (the SoS rogue if you have one) head to the ghost room. Once the player with the remains steps into the room, who should put in an appearance but Mabiki, Ngozi, Talakoi and Yogundi? Don't go into the room too far as they are KoS, they are however, easily singled. When you kill one of them, A Ghostly Essence will pop and wander away, they are not targetable. The timer starts on the last death. You have approximately 20 minutes to beat the Ghostly Essences to the NPC named Gzifa the Pure One. If you get there in time, turn in all 4 remains to him. There are 3 ways to do this one that I know of. The first 2 are short, but require a patient mage or rogue. The second way is longer and requires 2 healers and 2 tanks in the group.

If you have a rogue, send him on his merry way to Gzifa the Pure One after you kill all four to do the turn in. Careful, some mobs do see through SoS, generally cubes (Bloop!). If you get aggro, train to Gzifa's room and escape, don't forget to un-SoS and do the turn in. You win.

If you have mage, then park him/hernear the turn-in NPC on the way to the ghost room, kill them and CoH everyone back the the NPC and kill a couple mobs to do the turn in. The stairs in the room outside Gzifas room are safe. You win.

If you have two tanks and two healers, kill 3 of the ghosts, leave a tank and a healer in the ghost room, send everyone else to the NPC. When they get there, kill the fourth ghost and do the turn in.

Step 6: Sewer #3, Lair of Trapped Ones

When you hail the High Priest to get this exp he will give you an enblam. You must turn in this emblam to an NPC named Alej Laraji at the faaaaaaaar end of this sewer to begin this quest. He will ask you to find his stone shaping tools. There are 3 rooms to in which you must fight, , the water wheel room (huge, cool looking water wheel is in it) , the cocoon room (bunch of cocoons are hanging from the ceiling, also starring Wilford Brimley and Steve Guttenberg), and the first room you zoned into. You must kill enough mobs in each room to get a yellow emote saying you have found one of his tools, then fight back to the NPC and say "I have found your three stone shaping tools." Do this and you win. Here's the hard part: from turn in to saying that you found the tools, you have a half hour (I have heard an hour, but it sure seemed like a half hour on the one I lost). Also, to get to the NPC in the first place you have to wade through knee-deep mobs to get there, the halls are packed with them. If you are lucky enough to have an SoS rogue in your group, have him get the expidition and just run there, do the turn in and run or get CoH'd back. If you are not, you will have to train the turn in to save about 2 hours off the exp. If you are training the turn in, make sure you have a rezzer and an SK or necro to summon your corpse as it will take a few tries to get it right. The npc is in the very last room to the north and is half hidden laying down under a rock. I was killed my first 3 attempts at this, made it the fourth, got stuck on the fifth and was succesfull my next 3 tries. Innate camo and exodus is extremely useful on this run.

After you do the turn in, the first room you zoned into will repop with all golems (remember, these are the unslowable ones). Kill enough to get the yellowemote that you have found a tool (you dont actually get one in your inventory) and move to the cocoon room to the east. Invis and move out, there is sometimes an undead/see-invis mob right at the entrance to the cocoon room. It is not too hard to single the room, but there are 3 wanderers with fast respawn times in the hall outside, so I recommend killing them and pulling enough from the coccoon room to move inside it and pull the rest from there. When you get the emote, invis and move east to the water wheel room. Kill till you get that emote, then make your way north to the NPC, to say the phrase to win. Only one person has to say the phrase so a rogue makes this easy too. Say the phrase and port out. You win.

Step 7: Sewer #4, Pools of Sludge

First thing to do in this sewer is find Utandi. Talk to him and it spawns a large cube of goo (Bloop!) in a distant named room. Go kill him and it splits into 6 untargetable mini-goo cubes (Bloop!). They will wander to different parts of the zone and come to rest and become targetable. It is a good idea to have a tracker on this one to find them all. Kill them untill you get 4 map pieces, turn in the pieces to Utandi. You win! This one is easy but loooooooooooong. Invis past as many mobs as you can to speed things up. Be prepared for a 2-3 hour long stay in this sewer.

Step 8: Pat on the back

You are done with the sewers, off too Tipt! /backpat

Step 9: Tipt, the The Treacherous Crags

Are they trecherous because you can fall? No. Are they trecherous because stuff hits so hard? Yep. All trash mobs here hit for 1k+. The lowest level mob you will find is 64. The last named you have to kill to win hits for 2200 and quads. Some mobs can't be slowed, some can be snared, some snare you, some see invis. Sound like fun? Let's go!

I have never been in a group in Tipt that did not have an enchanter, so let's just assume you have one. I would recommend you have a cleric, a back up healer, a heavy tank, a necro and dps class as well. There are two ways to progress through this exp. The first I will go though is the tank-tank (tm) technique. This is fairly simple, snare a dark blue pooka, hynid or cragbeast, charm it, buff it, haste it. Pull mobs, have the tank-tank (tm) and sic the pet. The tank wont have to tank for long, because the charmed pet will put out some impressive DPS. Rinse, repeat. The other way to do this is to pet tank. This way is a bit more complicated. For a pet to tank there can be no more than 4 people on a mobs hate list. If there are more than 4 on the hate list then the pet's aggro drops to 0 and the angry mob charges/summons whomever gives it the most pleasure in killing. To avoid this, have a few folks sit on thier hands. People on the aggro list should be the puller, the pet, the chanter (automatic aggro because its thier pet) and the pet healer. If anyone besides those 3 people do anything to get on the hate list, be prepared for hate and discontent from the mob. If you buff or heal anyone on the hate list, you get on the hate list. If you cast anything at all on the mob, you are on the hate list. In other words, sit on your hands. The people who aren't supposed to be on the hate list should just pretend that the other folks are killing something that gives a huge Plane of Knowledge faction hit and they will be KoS if they get it. If the pet breaks, resnare, stun, re-debuff and get it recharmed ASAP. Tank should quickly grab aggro on the mob if the pet breaks mid-fight. If it summons, tank it, if it doesn't, kite it.

So, you have your pet, now what? There are several traps/events on the way to the end so focus on headed north, no need to clear out the side rooms. It is also important to move quickly, because repops happen in 15 minutes or so. The first event you come to appears to be an empty room. This is the first clearing after the bridge, up the hill. Invis 3 people in your party and inch into the room. When those 3 are far enough in about a dozen baby cragbeasts pop. Hold your breath and back out of the room. Pull them single if you can, but there are a couple double pulls in there. I suggest getting the chanter a target to mez before you pull if you think you might bring two. Kill all the little buggers and the mama will pop. Kill her (she is just like a normal mob) and loot, she drops nice augs. Once the mama is dead there are no re-pops in this room

The next clearing also appears empty, but there is an NPC named Garjah Zotaki in the middle. Once again, invis 3, creep, back out and pull. These mobs are all undead and spawn a new mob on death, but only once. Kill them all, head inside and hail the NPC. No repops in this room either.

Work your way up hill to find a room full of mobs. Kill them and pass on through, they do not repop. If is possible to just kill the mobs on one side to pass through this room. One should have a key, have the puller loot it, they will need it later.

Next up is Rikabi the Riddler. He guards a large gate. Hail him, go through the text and he will give you a riddle. Solve the riddle and pick up the bags that have spawned around him till you get the one that represents the answer. Hand that item in and the gate will unlock. The room behind Rikabi is safe. Work your way up hill again and clear to the named room, which is blocked by a locked gate that should open with the key you looted. Careful of the buildings to the side of his room, they hold nasty caster mobs and are very hard to single. Pull mobs untill there is a clear path to the named. You must fight the named ( Kyv Heartstriker Jhiru) in this room, if you pull him too far, his DPS doubles.

As I wrote before, this mob hits very, very hard. It is necessary to have someone tank it that can riposte all damage for at least 10 seconds. If your pet is properly weaponed and hasted, 10 seconds should be enough to kill him. If your tank is very, very beefy, then he or she can last for a few seconds passed the riposte disc, but thats it. Kill it, loot it and kill the pet that has served you so well up until now. Invis the group and go across the bridge, look left to find Master Stonespiritist Okkanu. Hail him to get the flag, the stone behind him ports you out. You win.

Step 10: Vxed, The Crumbling Caverns

This one is actually easier then Tipt. The mob set ups are nearly identical, and the general strategy is the same. The named all hit like the final named in Tipt (and also have great loot) so plan accordingly. Named in this exp. pop from ph's as opposed to traps or events. Get a pet, kill 50 mobs and go hail Stonespiritist Ekikoa at the far north of the zone. That gives you your flag for KT, if you have done these sequentially. YOU WIN!

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Post by Rajinier » Mon Sep 13, 2004 1:56 PM

well written old chap. Pip Pip.
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Post by Torakus » Mon Sep 13, 2004 10:05 PM

Good write up, however it is not neccessary to do the trials sequentially. The trials can be done out of order, you simply have to do the hailing in order. If you decide, like I did, to do them out of order, simply return to High Priest and his little buddy when they are all done. Hail priest, then hail his little friend and say "what issues" then hail High Priest again. Rinse and repeat until you stop getting the Yellow text saying your temporary flags have been converted to permanent. At that point you are KT flagged and can come watch me get myself killed soloing in Yxtta =P

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Post by Aeryon » Tue Sep 14, 2004 3:01 AM

Torakus wrote:hail his little friend and say "what issues"
Almost correct, the real trigger sentence is "Please help me, I have serious issues" :P
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Post by Paflin » Tue Sep 14, 2004 5:13 AM

"What issues" works fine. Although it doesn't make conversational sense.
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Post by Ddrak » Thu Oct 14, 2004 10:35 AM

Vxed is technically before Tipt in the sequence.


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Post by Paflin » Fri Oct 15, 2004 5:10 AM

Well that just makes sense.
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