PoP Backflagging - "Carprin/Bertoxx" - 07/01/05

For those looking for additional raid participants or looking to join raids.

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PoP Backflagging - "Carprin/Bertoxx" - 07/01/05

Post by Soulstomper » Sun Jun 19, 2005 12:55 PM

When: 1st of July 2005 - 9pm EST

What: Primary target is Carprin/Bertoxx, with Saryrn/KoS and Zek Brothers as backup targets.

Where: Meet up in the tunnel to Crypt of Decay.

Who: Anyone

Loot: All loot is CaWu - Will create a channel and roll each piece of loot when it drops, winning one puts you out of winning more for the night.


Few notes about Soulruns:

1. They are not PA sponsored raids, no points are used or earned on them.

2. They are open raids. All are invited, bring your friends, invite random people. Asshats will be promptly taken out back and beaten, though.

3. Channel to join will always be "pa_soulrun", join it and go to the meeting place as per the post. If you forget you can send myself or Aiimee a tell.
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